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Doctor and patient

Scientific Excellence, Express Results

At Prosperity Labs, we provide scientific excellence and superior lab testing, delivering prompt diagnostics for a path towards a healthier life.  Our innovative technology produces rapid results in less than 24 hours allowing for faster patient treatment and quick relief. 

Fast Results

Our innovative PCR lab testing provides rapid results in less than 24 hours, allowing for quicker treatment and peace of mind.

Accurate Testing

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of accuracy giving you confidence in your results.

Courier Transportation

PCR Testing made easy and hassle-free with the convenience of our professional and prompt courier transportation of specimens.

Patient Support

We are committed to making our testing accessible and affordable to everyone in need. We want to get you the help you deserve, with confidence.

We Bring Quality To The Table

In cases requiring precise diagnoses, swift identification of pathogens and actionable clinical measures are crucial. Prosperity Lab's PCR testing detects what traditional culture overlooks, specifically failing to identify many bacterial species, which prevents patients from being proscribed the appropriate treatment.

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